It is a modern idea. Before this concept, the enterprises were concentrated in Organic, Biodynamic, Good Manufacture Processes, ISO, etc.

Today has launched a new concept: SUSTAINABILITY.

It is not enough not to use chemicals (in the case of Organic), nor focusing some specific (as Enterprise Social Responsibility, Biodynamic, etc.).

We join today all together:

  • How we control the trash

  • How we use smartly the water

  • If we use chemicals, it has to be in an intelligent way and not to abuse of them

  • The treatment with the employees and the legal payment

  • How we are involved in the local Society

  • Taking care of all the Natural Environment

  • Etc., etc.

BURBUJAS DE ALTURA, since 2.018 is working with this process, reaching this goal (we have to clear up that we are not certifying it but we are fully focused with this idea).